NetEA: Epic Armageddon by and for the community

NetEA News

Introducing the NetEA Tournament Pack Website

The NetEA Tournament Pack is now available online and as a PDF! Check back often for the latest version.

Fan Supplements

Epic: Raiders

Now in its second edition, Epic: Raiders (52 MB) was the first fan-made Epic Armageddon supplement. It contains datasheets and Epic Tournament Game army lists for Dark Eldar, Necron and Minervan Tank Legion Imperial Guard armies.

Epic: Siege

The second of the unofficial fan supplements, Epic: Siege (27 MB) contains datasheets and Epic Tournament Game army lists for Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard, Mossinian Rebels and White Scar Space Marine armies.

Ill Met By Moonlight

The first in a series of scenario books, Ill Met by Moonlight is a compilation of scenarios from the 3rd edition Epic 40,000 Battles Book, updated and adapted for Epic Armageddon. Revision v1.02 is available in High Resolution (48MB) and Mobile (7MB) versions.

War of Lost Faiths

The second scenario book, War of Lost Faiths (27 MB), contains ten original scenarios to spice up your games. It also has custom special effect rules for a variety of battlefield terrain that you can use in the scenarios or your regular games.